Link Twibbon World AIDS Day December 1, 2021, Themed End Inequality, End AIDS

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Here are 25 twibbon links Day AIDS Worldwide 2021 which will be commemorated tomorrow on December 1, 2021 with the theme End Inequality, End it AIDS.

Memorial Day AIDS Worldwide, it is celebrated once a year, namely on December 1.

Quotes WHO official website, HIV remains a major public health problem affecting millions of people worldwide.

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Although the world has made significant progress in recent decades, important global targets for 2020 are not being met.

Divisions, disparities and neglect of human rights are some of the failures that have allowed HIV to remain a global health crisis.

In addition, now COVID-19 is worsening HIV response services.

Illustration of World AIDS Day. (

Quotes, The theme for World AIDS Day 2021 is End Inequality, End AIDS.

On December 1, 2021, WHO calls on global leaders and citizens to unite against driving inequality AIDS and to reach people who are not currently receiving essential HIV services.

To commemorate a day, people usually use a twibbon.

Twibbon is a design resembling a photo frame that can be edited by inserting a photo and equipped with a caption.


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