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The expectation is growing to know what the official results of the 2022 Regional and Municipal Elections are, which were held this Sunday, October 2 at the national level, between 7 am and 5 pm

The National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) on the eve announced that the first results in the process of Regional and Municipal Elections, where 13,032 authorities will be elected.


According to the exit count prepared by Ipsos and América TV, there is a technical tie between Rafael López Aliaga with 26.8% and Daniel Urresti with 25.8%.

Official link to know the results

As in previous electoral processes, the official results of the ONPE will be announced on the website of the electoral body:

So far the results in the regions are as follows, according to ONPE.

ONPE does not do quick counts

ONPE sources recalled that this electoral entity “does not carry out” quick counts like the polling companies.

They also reiterated that the information on the progress in the processing of the minutes and the accounting of results will be made constantly on the ONPE website.

It should be noted that the first preview of results provided by ONPE come from the tables closest to the installed computing centers. The last votes to be processed correspond to the polling stations in rural areas and abroad.

To remind

In the 2021 General Elections, ONPE gave its first official results report through its website, after processing 11.442% of the tally sheets.

The results were published on the ONPE website, where they were updated every half hour, depending on the processing of the tally sheets that came from the voting centers.


This is how the 2022 Municipal Elections take place from different points in the capital.


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