LINE WORKS 3.2, a business chat that supports guest participation in voice and video calls with WORKS Mobile-Cloud Watch

Works Mobile Japan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, Works Mobile) announced on the 9th that it has started offering a new version of business chat “LINE WORKS” “same version 3.2”. Enhancements have been made such as guest participation in voice and video calls and support for group calls with a free plan.

LINE WORKS is a cloud-based business chat service developed and provided by LINE’s brother company Works Mobile. In addition to being equipped with a “talk” function for chatting and voice / video calls, a “voice / video call” function for online meetings, a “home” function for sharing information on bulletin boards, and groupware functions such as mail and calendar. Since it has an easy-to-use interface that is almost the same as LINE, it can be used intuitively without any special education.

In this new version, the voice and video call function, which was available only between LINE WORKS users, has been enhanced so that even people who do not have a LINE WORKS account can participate as guests. This makes it easy to hold audio and video meetings without worrying about whether the other party is a LINE WORKS user.

The guest side also needs to install the LINE WORKS app, and if you access the meeting link after installation, you can join the video call meeting just by entering the name. As a countermeasure when an uninvited guest joins the meeting, the organizer is also equipped with a function to forcibly leave the guest.

In addition, it has become possible to chat (talk) and share images and files using a temporary talk room during a video call meeting.

Also, in the free version (free plan), only the one-to-one voice / video call function was available in the past, but with this update, voice / video calls with multiple people are now available. The free plan limits the maximum number of participants in voice and video calls to 4 and the maximum call time to 60 minutes. However, if a free plan user participates in a voice / video call meeting started by a paid version user, the setting value of the paid version will be applied.

In addition, this time, the task function that was previously available only to individuals has been enhanced, and it is now possible to create “group tasks” that can be shared in the group talk room. By using this group task, members can understand “who”, “which work”, and “when are they planning to do it”.


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