Limitation of mandates and putsch in Guinea: Georges Weah tells his truths to ECOWAS

The tampering with the Constitutions in the countries explains the many coups d’état. This is the message delivered by the President of Liberia, Georges Weah, during the extraordinary ECOWAS summit, held on Wednesday September 8, 2021 by video-conference, on the situation in Guinea.

In front of his counterparts heads of state, the Liberian President clearly establishes a correlation between the putschs and constitutional instability. The latest coup d’état in the ECOWAS space is the one that occurred on Sunday, September 5 in Guinea, overthrowing the power of President Alpha Condé.

“Is it possible that there is a correlation between these events and political situations where constitutions are changed by incumbents to remove term limits through referendums? Or could it just be a coincidence? If the removal of the term limit serves as a trigger for the overthrow of governments, then perhaps ECOWAS should do everything possible to ensure that the term limits in the constitutions of all member states are respected ”, asked Georges Weah.

With the coup d’état in Guinea, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) finds itself with two cases of putsch to resolve, with the one in Mali, there is a just over a year, August 18, 2020.

As usual, ECOWAS expressed, after the overthrow of Alpha Condé, a condemnation in principle. The regional organization called for a return to constitutional order and the release of the personalities detained, including President Alpha Condé.

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