Like Leni Klum: Sarah Connor is now showing daughter Summer Terenzi publicly

Heidi Klum apparently gave the go-ahead with the unveiling of her daughter Leni. Now Sarah Connor is also showing her 16-year-old daughter Summer Terenzi to the public.

Berlin – 16 seems to be the magic number in the world of celebrity mothers. Supermodel Heidi Klum (49) started it off when she showed her daughter Leni to the public for the first time at the age of 16 on the cover of German Vogue. For a year and a half, Leni Klum, now 18, has been building a promising modeling career, like her mother before her. Now she could get competition from Sarah Connors (42) daughter. Summer Terenzi celebrated her 16th birthday on June 23rd and is now also allowed into the limelight. She also seems to be following in mom’s footsteps.

Name Summer Terenzi
Born 23. June 2006
parents Sarah Connor, Marc Terenzi

After Leni Klum: Sarah Connor’s daughter Summer Terenzi to be seen publicly for the first time

As parents, celebrities usually have two choices: either they protect their children from the public eye by keeping them a secret, or they present them from the start. Together with Seal (59), who also has a close relationship with daughter Leni, Heidi Klum decided to keep the children secret. (More news about celebrities and TV at RUHR24).

Sarah Connor did the same with son Tyler Terenzi (18) and daughter Summer Terenzi (16) – until they both turned 16. From that point on, they were allowed to decide for themselves whether they wanted to go public or not – and yes, they did. Summer Terenzi now has an official Instagram account. She proudly showed how much she resembled her parents.

After Leni Klum: Summer Terenzi also follows in the footsteps of mother Sarah Connor

Sarah Connor posted a touching post on her Instagram account for her eldest daughter’s 16th birthday, in which she is open about the background to the secrecy and family relationships. It’s not uncommon for the 42-year-old to clearly express her opinions on social media. She recently sharply condemned the Instagram make-believe put on show during the Ukraine war, like that Mercury reported.

So she shared a small photo series with her “summer girl”, as she lovingly calls Summer. While the offspring is piggybacked on mom’s back, they smile happily at the camera. However, one photo stands out, because the 16-year-old is on stage just like her mother with a microphone. Apparently, Summer inherited her parents’ genes. Sarah Connor wrote a loving text under the photos:

“Your 16th summer is finally here. In our family, this is an extra, special year of life. You’ve been scratching your hooves for more than three years to finally be allowed to dive into the social media world and from now on you can!”. “Your voice is as beautiful as your soul. And I know I have to dress warmly, ’cause you’re peering at my stage.” Claudia Schiffer, who has almost completely left the public eye in recent years, recently presented her 17-year-old daughter Clementine in a shoot for a fashion label.

Sarah Connor recording the ZDF annual review “People 2019”.

© Axel Heimken/dpa

Celebrity daughters: Leni Klum, daughter of Claudia Schiffer and Sarah Connor emulate mothers

And so the now 16-year-old performed for the first time at a concert by mom on her birthday – she was immediately pushed into the deep end. Instagram videos taken by fans during the concert show: Summer Terenzi apparently inherited not only her looks from her famous mother Sarah Connor, but also her powerful, unique voice.

Whether Summer will follow her mother’s unprecedented career remains to be seen. She now has the opportunity – and the very best conditions anyway.

Rubriklistenbild: © Image Press Agency/Imago; APress/Imago; Collage: Sabrina Wagner/RUHR24


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