Ligue 2: the Amiens SC match

The match between Amiens SC and Dijon Football Côte d’Or was classified as risk level 2 by the National Division for the Fight against Hooliganism, which prompted the Prefecture of the Somme to issue an order in this regard. In question, the liabilities between the two fan clubs.

The match between Amiens SC and Dijon Football Côte d’Or has been classified as “at risk” by the National Division for the Fight against Hooliganism.

In this same perspective, the prefecture of the Somme has issued an order drastically limiting the possibilities of action of Dijon supporters, and in particular those of the ultras.

For the prefecture, the match “is likely to cause public disorder” Indeed, for four years, confrontations between the supporters of the two teams have prompted the police to intervene on several occasions.

On October 16, 2018, 50 Lingon’s Boys supporters, “alcoholic, we set off 3 smoke bombs and 1 agricultural firecracker during their pedestrian stroll to the stadium“. Fans of both teams “tried to settle before the meeting“. A few months later, in April 2019, monkey cries emanating from the same ultra group towards the captain of Amiens SC caused the organizers to interrupt the match for a few minutes.

In December of the same year, the Lingon’s boys, after drinking in the bars of the Saint-Leu district of Amiens for a whole afternoon, took part in “a violent brawl” with Amiens supporters. The prefecture also notes that in March 2021, Amiens supporters were provoked by Dijonnais.

The prefecture considers that there are risks of a “revenge on the disappointment of the brawl of December 14, 2019“Amiens supporters are also, according to her, “determined and will seek to provoke the Dijonnais on the public highway and in the stands“.

She adds that if the supporters of the two clubs were to cross paths, “dprovocations would be inevitable and a physical confrontation very likely“. That’s why she put in place her decree:

  • It is forbidden to “anyone claiming to be a supporter of Dijon Football Club Côte d’Or” to circulate and park on Saturday October 8 from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. in the perimeter of the visitor parking lot of the Mégacité PV1 site.
  • Access to the Crédit Agricole la Licorne stadium in Amiens is authorized for Dijon supporters “transported by bus, mini-bus and personal vehicle making up the convoy“He will be taken care of under police escort”at the toll station at exit 19 of the A16“from 6 p.m.
  • Transport, possession and use “all pyrotechnic devices such as firecrackers or smoke, as well as banners and flags whose inscriptions call for provocation, violence or hatred“.

Access to the stadium is prohibited for supporters of the Dijon club who do not comply with these provisions. They risk, if necessary, up to 6 months in prison, a fine of 30,000 euros and a stadium ban.


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