Ligue 2: in Rodez, the Lucas Buades rocket was just waiting to take off

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The RAF midfielder has exploded since the start of the season with his new club. Originally from the Toulouse region, Lucas Buades tells about his life in Rouergate.

Physiotherapy, video and work away with the physical trainer. This is what Lucas Buades’ morning was like on Wednesday. “It’s been two years since I played, I’m a little rusty. The coach takes care of me, ”he smiles. Rusty, really? The native of Muret has yet made a breathtaking start to the season. With four goals in five games, 23-year-old Lucas Buades is quite simply the RAF’s top scorer this season, but also the second in Ligue 2.

Arrived this summer from Nîmes, its training club, the right community cultivates humility. No way for him to take the big head after a successful start. He explains: “I arrived on tiptoe in the offseason. I knew I was going to have to make a place for myself and prove myself in the eyes of the staff and my teammates. They gave me their trust and maybe the trigger came from there, it freed me. This click can also be credited to the atmosphere that reigns within the Aveyron club.

Concentrate Lucas Buades.
RAF – Damien Grandet

A club where human qualities are brought to the same level (or almost) as footballing qualities. The Haut-Garonnais confirms: “We are really based on people and relationships, we are a group of friends above all. When there is one that is not doing so well, it is pulled upwards. “

A group of friends on and off the pitch. This new way of life, Buades discovered with pleasure. “After training I go back to the apartment to cook myself, then I try to get some sleep but there is often Rémy Boissier who calls me to play play (He is laughing). We see each other regularly with the other players, we play pétanque, we eat together in the evening… I really like it here ”.

“When I leave my house, I see cows”

Anyone who spent his childhood in Seysses, in the Toulouse suburbs, is delighted with his return to a city on a human scale. “It’s super quiet here, I wasn’t used to it because in Nîmes I lived in the city center. There when I go out I see cows so it’s very relaxing. I lived in a small village when I was young so it’s very refreshing to find that here. “

After starting football in the town famous for his remand center, Lucas Buades then went to study at the imposing neighboring club, AS Muret. Its performances attract the eye of Nîmes Olympique, but strangely not that of Toulouse’s close neighbor. After conclusive tests – “I put triplets each time” – the young Buades joined Nîmes at his 13 years. But the Gard club had to work to convince his parents.

On this subject, the Ruthenian remembers an anecdote: “My father and my mother hesitated a lot at that time. For them to enter professional football at that age, it was very young. Studies were essential for my parents ”. He pauses… “Besides, my mother let it be known when she arrived at the training center. She told them ” I want my son to be a footballer but above all a smart footballer ”. “

The planets align

Scientific baccalaureate in pocket, Lucas Buades has fulfilled his contract. If younger, dreamed a doctor, quickly understood that combining medical studies and football training at the highest level was impossible. “We’ll see, I could convert myself as a physiotherapist later,” he smiles, confident.

In the meantime, it is on the ground of Paul-Lignon that Lucas Buades treats the fans of the Aveyron club. And among them, his father. The latter had never seen him play a match since the midfielder signed his first professional contract. “He worked every time when I was in Nîmes but he came here during my first match…”

And the planets were aligned on July 31, 2021. For his debut with the “blood and gold” jersey against Pau, Lucas Buades scored his first goal, under the eyes of his dad. “My mother told me he had tears in his eyes. It’s nice, ”he smiles, measured. There is no doubt that tomorrow, in Seysses, the RAF will have a few supporters.

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