ASNL – Le Havre

This Saturday (7 p.m.)

A victory that dispelled doubts

The start of the ASNL season (three games without a win) had started to sow some doubts in the forest of Haye. The victory won at Charléty avoided gangrene. “It took a little while. But the work is starting to pay off ”, underlines Abdelhamid El Kaoutari, about a success which allowed the group to“ have a good week ”.

“A more peaceful week,” says Jean-Louis Garcia, “not having a victory was heavy. This famous series outside was also becoming painful to live with. So it did a lot of good. Now that’s just one victory. It is consistency that counts. You have to go on ”. A goal that will require breaking another series that has lasted too long. To find traces of two consecutive successes, we have to go back to the end of the 2018-2019 season. ASNL beat Orleans and AC Ajaccio in quick succession with a score of 1-0. We put that back ?

First success at Picot?

After a start to the season where they have traveled a lot (three trips in four matches), the Nancéiens finally return to Picot where they remain on a frustrating draw against Guingamp (2-2, 2e day). “We failed at 1 ’30” from the end. We hope to go to the end this time. But we will not have to do anything, “thunders the Nancy coach.

The last success at Picot dates from January 10 (Valenciennes 1-0). It is also time to turn the wheel. “Let’s maintain the same level of demand as last week. We had run ten more terminals than Paris FC! », Says JLG.

With the same starting eleven?

A priori, there shouldn’t be a lot of changes in the team that will start the match. Even Vinni Triboulet, who runs after a first goal after having flamed in preparation, should keep the confidence of his coach: “Vinni is not rewarded. But I’m sure it will come. It has taken a step forward in the daily work mentality. He does not save himself. Everyone continues to trust him. And we believe in it ”. Note that Rosario Latouchent, recovered from his knee problem, returns to the group and that the young Marco Giagnorio will live a first match on the bench of the pros.

Le Havre, strong but yo-yo

Like many ambitious teams in this Ligue 2, Le Havre had a mixed start to the season, made up of highs (the 1-3 victory at Guingamp) and lows (the home defeat against Niort). Two victories, two defeats, but also four red cards, most often caused by clumsiness: the results of the Normans are quite mixed.

This can be explained by the loss of important players (Kadewere sold 12 M € to Lyon, Dina Edimbe returned to PSG…). But also, as Paul Le Guen underlines, by the even greater homogeneity of Ligue 2. What is certain is that the HAC seemed at ease on the outside where it “sucks” its opponents and forces them to contort a lot. It’s up to ASNL to find the solution.

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