Libraries will also be opened in colleges on class days: Minister R Bindu | Kerala | Deshabhimani

When higher education institutions open on October 4, classes will be on alternate days, Minister R Bindu told a news conference. Final year classes will begin at all higher education institutions. Two shift class is not practical. The meeting of the principals will be held on Friday at 10 am. They will also form an opinion and make the appropriate decision.

In collaboration with the Department of Health, a dose of the vaccine will be guaranteed to all. Covid patients are not barred from coming to class as they cannot be vaccinated within three months.

Libraries will also be opened

With the opening of the college, the university and college libraries will be opened in accordance with the protocol for research students. Advanced Fine Arts Colleges will also be opened for practical classes. In the first few days, Kovid will give a defense class, the minister said.

Ng. Entrance‌ result after court judgment

The results of the state engineering entrance examination will be published as per the court order. The court has blocked the declaration of results. There is a petition in the court that only the score of the entrance examination should be considered for the preparation of the rank list. The current practice is to add plus two marks.

Higher Education: 3 Commissions for Comprehensive Reform

The government has appointed three commissions to study and report on the timely reforms in the higher education sector. Higher Education Minister R Bindu said in a press conference that the commissions have been appointed to study and radically reform the higher education sector, revise the rules of the universities and reform the conduct of examinations in the universities within three months.

Details of Commissions:

Comprehensive Reform in Higher Education: Central University of Delhi Central Institute of Education Professor Dr. Dr. Shyam B Menon (Chairman), Chennai IIT Physics Department; T Pradeep (Convener), MG VC Dr. Sabu Thomas, JNU Professor Dr. Prof. Aisha Kidwai, Member, State Planning Board Ramkumar, Kannur Prof. VC Dr. Sabu Abdul Hameed, University of Calicut Retd. Professor Dr. MV Narayanan (Members).

University Law Reform Commission: Former Vice Chancellor of Nuwals NK Jayakumar (Chairman), Kannur VC Dr. Dr. Gopinath Raveendran, Member, Governing Body, Council for Higher Education; Joy Job Kalavelil, Malappuram Govt. College-Principal Dr. K Damodaran, Adv. PC Sasidharan (Members)

Examination Reform Commission: MG Pro VC Dr. CT Aravindakumar (Chairman), KTU Registrar Dr. Dr. A. Praveen, Former Registrar, Calicut; Dr. CL Joshi, Registrar, Kerala; KS Anilkumar (Members).

Vaccine camp for college students on campuses

Health Minister Veena George has said that with the opening of colleges in the state on October 4, the health and higher education departments will jointly coordinate the distribution of vaccines to students.

Universities will focus on the number of teachers and students who have not been vaccinated. Based on this, vaccination camps will be organized in the respective educational institutions, the minister said. The goal is to give the first dose of the vaccine to everyone over the age of 18 by the age of 30. Currently, 77.42 per cent have taken the first dose and 29.70 per cent have taken the second dose.

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