Liberal intellectuals are pro-Orban. Stelian Tănase, Nicolae Manolescu and 19 other personalities ask the delegates to vote for the current head of PNL

“We are deeply concerned about the political evolution of Romania, we make this appeal to the delegates to the congress of the National Liberal Party (” PNL “) from 25.09.2021. We believe that our lives will be strongly influenced by your vote in Congress. We affirm with all conviction that the PNL must represent the solution and not the problem of the Romanian society – as, unfortunately – has manifested itself lately. PNL must continue its glorious tradition, to embody the guarantee and hope of a better future for Romanians. This goal can be achieved with a president who has his whole life linked to the PNL – such as Ludovic Orban. Under his leadership, the party has had many successes – in the presidential, local, European elections. We especially emphasize the transition of the party from the opposition to the government “, it is shown in the appeal in which the first signatories are Nicolae Manolescu, Dan Grigore and Stelian Tănase.

“The alternative is a PNL that would remain liberal only in name, becoming in fact a party with dictatorial and clientelistic tendencies. We wish every delegate at the congress the wisdom of the Bratians! ”, Also shows the message of those who ask the delegates to choose for“ the future of PNL ”.

Here is the list of signatories, as it was this Monday night:

Nicolae Manolescu, former president of the Civic Alliance Party, former president of the PNL National Council, member of the Romanian Academy

Dan Grigore, pianist, former member of the PAC College, pianist

Stelian Tănase writer, university professor, former vice-president of the CAP

Alexandru Popovici, former vice-president of PAC, former member of BPN-PNL, university professor

Dumitru Lecca, president of the PNL Senate

Nicolae Noica, former minister

Dinu Zamfirescu, former member of BPN-PNL

Marius Oprea, historian

Viorel Marineasa, writer

Mihai Sorin Stănescu, former minister

Adrian Niculescu, professor, associate professor

Andrei Enescu, director of Radio Classic

Doru Mareş, theater critic

Toma Roman, journalist, university professor

Klaus Micescu, physicist

Edward Nicolescu, physicist, businessman

Jean Harris writer, translator

Florin Bumbaş, businessman

Vasile Nanea, diplomat, university professor

Doru Braia, activist civic, publicist

Neagu Sorin Constantin, publicist

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