Li Ziqi’s first appearance video after the lawsuit, Pinduoduo big promotion released丨CEO study room-Retail-Yibang Power

Li Ziqi’s first appearance video after the lawsuit, Pinduoduo big promotion released丨CEO study room-Retail-Yibang Power

[Yibang Original]Li Ziqi’s first appearance video after the lawsuit; Pinduoduo announced a 35-day sales rhythm; Alibaba invested US$1.4 billion in Turkey; October Paddy passed the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listing hearing.

I am Bang Xiaobai, and this is the CEO study room. I have compiled a study material to help you review the most watched e-commerce events.

Douyin Double 11 Goods Festival Investment Promotion Conference will be officially launched on September 19

The Douyin Mall Double 11 Goods Festival Investment Promotion Conference will be officially launched on September 19. The conference will provide detailed explanations for merchants from multiple aspects and angles, including the rhythm of the big promotion and the core gameplay of the platform, as well as event investment and registration rules, so that merchants can understand and become familiar with the rules in advance. During the Double 11 promotion, Douyin e-commerce will launch official instant discounts, key products, Douyin Mall Gold Card, freight insurance, Douyin monthly payment joint installment interest-free and other multiple ways of playing. Merchants who participate in the registration can receive multiple traffic support, Massive high-quality resources such as billion-level traffic exposure and multiple platform subsidies.

Xiaohongshu Welfare Club stores will stop selling on October 16

Xiaohongshu Welfare Society released a letter to users today, “It’s a farewell, but also a beginning.” It said that in order to better meet the rapidly growing user needs, Xiaohongshu will concentrate its resources and strength to serve more buyers and owners. The development of e-commerce by agents, merchants and brands. Xiaohongshu Welfare Club will stop selling products on October 16, 2023, and officially close the store on November 16, 2023. After the store stops selling on October 16, users can apply for after-sales through the order page and process feedback. Xiaohongshu always protects users’ shopping rights.

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Li Ziqi’s first video appearance after the lawsuit

On the evening of September 16, Li Ziqi appeared in a public video. This was the first time she appeared in a public video after the lawsuit, and then she became the first hot search. She said in the video that she returned to her hometown seven years ago and picked up a camera to record all the ordinary and beautiful things in the countryside through short videos. In the future, she will use her own way to bring more high-quality content.

Ding Xiongjun, Chairman of Moutai Group: Development around Moutai will come to an end

Recently, Kweichow Moutai and Dove collaborated to launch the new product “Mao Xiaoling Liquor Chocolate”. Regarding the wine-centered chocolate released this time, Ding Xiongjun, chairman of Moutai Group, defined it as “a cultural tourism product that integrates wine culture and chocolate culture.” He pointed out that Moutai International Hotel is the centerpiece of Moutai Group’s wine, culture, tourism and wellness industry. The important component is to focus on the collision, blending and taste experience of “wine + food”, and cooperate with the most influential state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and foreign enterprises in the industry to complete the product matrix ecological layout of “drink, eat, taste, drink and bring”. That is, drink Moutai liquor, eat Moutai banquet, taste Moutai ice cream, drink sauce latte, and liqueur-filled chocolate. At this point, the development of “+Moutai” peripheral products will also come to an end. (Daily Economic News)

Pinduoduo announces three consecutive major sales for 35 days

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Pinduoduo officially announced that it has officially launched the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day and Anniversary Three consecutive promotions, which is the three consecutive promotions of Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day and Anniversary (October 10). This three consecutive major promotions continues the practice of participating in multiple major promotions with one registration, and the platform system automatically switches the major promotion logo. The registration period starts on September 11th and continues until the end of the promotion on October 19th. The entire promotion period is from 20:00 on September 14th to 24:00 on October 19th, a total of 35 days. The respective time periods of the three major promotions are: Mid-Autumn Festival promotion from 20:00 on September 14 to 24:00 on September 29; National Day promotion from 20:00 on September 29 to 24:00 on October 7; Anniversary promotion The big sale is from 0:00 on October 8th to 24:00 on October 19th.

Alibaba Group: Invests $1.4 billion in Türkiye through Trendyol

Trendyol, a Turkish e-commerce company affiliated with Alibaba Group, said in a statement that Alibaba Group President Michael Evans said during a meeting with Turkish President Erdogan that Alibaba plans to invest US$2 billion in Turkey in the coming period and has already Invested $1.4 billion in Turkey through Trendyol. (interface)

October Paddy passed the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listing hearing

Hong Kong Stock Exchange documents show that on September 17, October Rice Field Group Co., Ltd. passed the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listing hearing. The company’s brands include October Rice Field and Chaihuo Courtyard, with revenue of approximately 4.533 billion yuan in 2022 and adjusted net profit of 364 million yuan.

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Lantingjishi’s revenue in the second quarter of this year was US$192 million

Lantingjishi released its Q2 financial report for 2023. The company’s operating income increased by 45% year-on-year to US$192 million, setting another record high. In the first half of this year, the company achieved a total revenue of US$340 million, an increase of 50% compared with the same period last year. Among them, apparel sales continued to show strong growth momentum, achieving revenue of US$163 million, a year-on-year increase of 50%, and its proportion of total revenue exceeded 85%. (E-commerce News)


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