Levski gives its teenager to Eter to have the Panamanian Cordoba

Levski is very close to dragging a second player after the return of Stanimir Stoilov. The experienced specialist said during the press conference that the club is on the final straight in the negotiations for the defender of Eter Jose Cordoba.

The separation between Levski and Simeon Slavchev can be quite difficult

The midfielder of the “blues” has a solid contract

The Panamanian footballer will be transferred to Gerena, and in the direction of Veliko Tarnovo will go someone from Georgi Alexandrov, Ivaylo Naidenov or Hristofor Hubchev. The rights of the 20-year-old football player are held by a management agency, with which the “blues” have already specified almost all the details of the transfer. Cordoba will be Stoilov’s second transfer, after it became clear that Dimitar Kostadinov is a player of the “blues”. The interest of the citizens of Sofia in the defender is not recent, as such was talked about last season. Talks are also underway with Dragan Mihajlovic, who played for Levski last spring.

The Swiss can also be considered a new addition to the centuries – things are on the final straight. He can be used as a defender, winger or midfielder, writes “Tema Sport”.

Arda's striker is close to signing with Levski

Arda’s striker is close to signing with Levski

Murray Stoilov personally liked Juninho’s performances



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