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Levski begs creditors for “a breath of fresh air”

by drbyos

The new executive director of Levski Ivo Ivkov commented on the financial situation of the club. The lawyer did not hide that many cases will still be lost by the “sieves”.

“All cases are important for Levski at the moment. The case with Petar Hubchev was to reschedule in order to have a breath of fresh air, because we have not paid him the salaries due to him under contract. We are in negotiations with Hubchev, our partners are negotiating with There, the case is no longer legal, we lost the cases against Levski and we owe a considerable amount for our standards.

Ivo Ivkov: I will resign if I do not stabilize Levski

“If it goes bankrupt, I’ll stay”

We have yet to lose cases. I appeal to all our creditors to give us a breath of fresh air. No obligation has been forgotten, just Levski is still in a very difficult financial situation at the moment, “Ivkov said.


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