Lepine competition. This surgeon invents a belt that aims to lose weight without surgery

Former digestive surgeon Jean-Pierre Allibe went from 80 to 65 kg. A weight loss that he says he achieved only thanks to his Alligator belt. An award-winning invention in the Lépine competition Sunday May 8, 2022 during the Paris Fair. He spent two years testing and refining his creation for people who are overweight or obese.

Jean-Pierre Allibe started from an observation: “Why remove 3/4 of a healthy stomach from a patient? » He therefore decided to work on a less intrusive alternative to a gastric sleeve. “And one morning, I found it! », he explains. The belt he invented should give the user a feeling of satiety very quickly. It’s a kind of appetite suppressant. “As you eat less, you lose weight”, he summarizes. Simply put the belt on, then inflate it with a manual bulb until you feel a very light pressure. “We reduce the active stomach like an operation. It is a surgical act without surgery. » Then, the former caregiver recommends doing a test by drinking water to see the effect and check if the tool is properly installed.

Quick results but not necessarily long term

To obtain results, Jean-Pierre Allibe advises users to wear his invention all day: before breakfast until the end of dinner. During moments of rest, sports sessions or driving, it is best to remove it to gain comfort. “After giving birth, it’s best to wait three or four months. For mothers who are breastfeeding, they can wait until they have weaned their child before using the belt. » No contraindication in case of back pain, according to him. The belt is washable at 30 degrees after removing the pear and metal tap.

Jean-Pierre Allibe served as a guinea pig. He assures that in three months it is possible to lose 10 kg without dieting thanks to the anorectic effect provided by the belt. “I do not advise users to go on a diet because we want to act on the amount of food”, he argues. But, his invention is not a magic object. “After three months, normally, the user will achieve his goal. He will no longer need to use it and can change it in his closet. But after six months, it is possible that his weight will increase again. » Since the stomach is a muscle, it will adapt to the amount of food eaten. For a lasting effect, it will therefore be necessary to take care to adopt A balanced diet.

Made in Nice

For the moment, this invention is not yet marketed. It will be necessary to wait until June 30, 2022 but pre-orders are open. Several sizes will be available. For the smallest, it is necessary to count 260 €. All models will be made in a sewing workshop in Nice (Alpes-Maritimes). Jean-Pierre Allibe and his team are already working on belts suitable for people suffering from morbid obesity.

Jean-Pierre Allibe believes that his belt is a tool for ” public health “ while WHO worries about an “epidemic” of overweight and obesity in Europe. In its report of May 3, 2022, it considers that the Covid-19 crisis has “resulted in increased exposure to certain risk factors”.


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