Lemon, salt and butter! Alina Zagitova was spinning in the kitchen, preparing baked fish for dinner

The figure skater either ran to the refrigerator or stood at the kitchen table, conjuring over her signature dish.

Alina Zagitova. Photo: Global Look Press

Alina Zagitova never ceases to amaze fans: either the Olympic champion went to a master class in a pottery workshop, making a clay bowl and a pot with her own hands, or she showed how she cooks a healthy and tasty dinner in her kitchen. At the same time, the skater showed off in fashionable silk pajamas, gathering her long hair in a bun. Alina lacked only an apron and a chef’s hat.

It seems that Zagitova may well feed the whole family. The figure skater either ran to the refrigerator or stood up to the kitchen table, deftly managing all the ingredients. The Olympic champion smeared the already peeled and chopped fish with sunflower oil, then salted it and added lemon slices and fresh herbs. Eteri Tutberidze’s ward did all this before she sent the dish to the oven for baking. For some reason, the skater didn’t show the finished fish.

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