Lego launches NES with CRT TV


Lego knows how to speak to the little geek who lies dormant in the depths of each of us. The manufacturer of plastic bricks announced today a new set that you will inevitably want to buy yourself: this kit reproduces an NES accompanied by its controller, a Super Mario cartridge, and … a CRT television!

Already, it’s amazing. But the best is yet to come: a crank on the workstation allows you to “play” Super Mario! The mustachioed hero leaps along a level that scrolls in loop on the TV. It borders on genius. It is just a shame that the console is not really one, it could have been a kind of NES Mini in briquettes, but finally there will already be something to have a good time with the 2 646 pieces of this set.

Lego and Nintendo have been partners for some time. Moreover, the new NES kit is compatible with the set Super Mario which allows you to play “in real life” at a level of the game. We can thus place the character above the station so that it emits noises as his avatar progresses on the television!

The NES kit will be available on August 1, at the same time as the Super Mario set, and you will have to pay $ 230 to take advantage of it.



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