Legislative elections in Morocco: Great defeat of the Islamists of the PJD

On September 8, 2021, general elections (legislative, municipal and regional) were held in Morocco. These elections, which took place in a context linked to the socioeconomic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, did not prevent a good mobilization of the electorate, with a participation rate of 50.35%, higher than during of the legislatures of 2011 (45.40%) and 2016 (42.29%).

According to several foreign observers, the transparency in which these elections were held reflects Morocco’s serene and strong commitment to democracy, under the aegis of King Mohammed 6.
Regarding the final results published by the Moroccan Ministry of the Interior, the Rassemblement National des Indépendants (RNI) ranked first ahead of the Authencity and Modernity Party (PAM), while the Islamist PJD party lost 112 seats by compared to 2016 and ranked 8th.

If the Justice and Development Party (PJD) has lost its aura and its credibility, it is also because it has disappointed its own electorate. Its decline was noticeable and justified by public opinion and in certain periods, notably trade unions and during professional elections.

Also, after 10 years of government, there has been a wearing down and weakening of the popularity of this Islamist party which has gone through internal tensions, dissent and divisions on several subjects.

During the previous elections, the Islamist party had benefited from the weakness of other political forces which have since reinvested the public space and revisited their programs, hence the good scores recorded by the RNI and the PAM.

For its part, the RNI won the confidence of the greatest number of voters. It stood out for the action of its Ministers within the last Government who achieved more than honorable results in their public management.

In short, the Moroccan voter understood and expressed, via the ballot box, that the implementation of the new development model requires a new institutional impetus and a new political dynamic. He understood that Morocco needs a political renewal and an alternation that is as effective as it is harmonious.

Here are the results of the legislative elections of September 08, 2021

• The National Rally of Independents (RNI): 102 seats.
• The Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM): 86 seats.
• The Istiqlal Party (PI): 81 seats.
• The Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP): 35 seats.
• The Popular Movement (MP): 29 seats.
• The Party for Progress and Socialism (PPS): 21 seats.
• The Constitutional Union (UC): 18 seats.
• The Justice and Development Party (PJD): 13 seats.
• The other political formations: 10 seats.

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