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Lechkov scandalized: Money was distributed to the Congress! It was a shame to work in the toilets

by drbyos

The member of the executive committee of the Bulgarian Football Union Yordan Lechkov made a sharp statement. The former national opened a speech about distributing money in the toilets of the National Palace of Culture during the Congress of the football headquarters.

In addition, in plain text, Lecce said that “Berbatov, Stilian and Martin are tight-lipped” and should have received permission from their wives.

“Yes, of course, money was distributed. And not before, but during the congress itself – inside Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture. No, no. It was not Berbatov, Stilian and Martin, because they were squeezed first and second – they must obtain permission from their wives “.

“However, a man who stands in the shadows and is from Central Bulgaria was active. It was a shameful job. Shameful. During your vote, your imagination is poor about what happened in the toilets of Hall 1 in the National Palace of Culture,” Lechkov told Blitz. .

“The mats and tiles rubbed off the soles of the voters. They went in and out, in and out. The man from Central Bulgaria did his job. In fact, he didn’t succeed because they didn’t win. And I wonder – they play him, that they are honest, that they are moral, they play it, they are the honest Kaludka, and at the same time they distribute the money.If they were smart, with those 230 votes they have, they could get people into the Executive Committee.

“They want to make changes. Here, they could enter the new government, have influence and start learning to govern. I have already commented on the fact that they are disputing. The 50% + 1 vote in question is determined on the basis of votes, and not on the basis of registered delegates. Base of votes, not registered “, added the former star of Sliven, CSKA and Hamburger.

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