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The construction project in the new center of Wackersdorf, which cost around six million euros, is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

December 01, 2021

11:20 a.m.

The rental contracts for the medical center have been signed: Doctors from the Roi group practice and colleagues on the right, pharmacist Joachim Muss and lawyer Dr. Thomas Rothammer 2nd and 3rd from left Photo: Michael Weiß

Wackersdorf.The rental contracts for the new Wackersdorfer medical center have been signed. Doctors, pharmacists, lawyers and community representatives met at the end of November. The rental contracts have a term of 15 years – with an option to extend. The construction work is progressing according to plan, says a spokesman for VG Wackersdorf. “No other major project has given us so much positive feedback from the population,” says Mayor Thomas Falter happily. The medical center is already a success story, a good year before its planned completion. And what has been established for a long time is now contractually stipulated.

The group practice of the Wackersdorfer family doctors Roi and colleagues moves 530 square meters, the Wackersdorfer Barbara-Apotheke under managing director Joachim Muss 170 square meters of the new building. “290 square meters are still available. We are holding promising talks here, ”the mayor notes. Building authority manager Uwe Knutzen adds: “We are right on schedule with the construction work. The shell will be completed this year. ”The construction project, costing around six million euros in the new center of Wackersdorf, is due to be completed by the end of 2022. In addition to the signing of the contract and the information about the construction status, there was another good piece of news.

Stefan Roi from the Wackersdorfer family doctors informed that the team would shortly be strengthened by another doctor. In the past two years, the practice has grown to include two additional doctor’s offices and a practice for children and families. With the new medical center, the municipality of Wackersdorf was able to make an important contribution to securing medical care in the village. The general practice of Dr. Kappl and the resident dentists. The building complex with attached parking deck is being built in the direct vicinity of the multi-generation house and will in future be a central component of the town center. The project is a prime example of successful densification.

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