Leaders’ debate in English: the moderator defends her intervention

In an audio conversation held on Twitter at midday on Friday, the moderator of the leaders’ debate in English justified her question to Yves-François Blanchet by saying that this is what would interest Canadians outside Quebec.

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“Outside of Quebec, people see these laws, these pieces of legislation, very differently. I gave the opportunity to Mr. Blanchet to [s’expliquer]Said Shachi Kurl, president of the Angus Reid polling firm.

In the Twitter “space” hosted by Maclean’s magazine, Ms. Kurl indicated that all of the issues that appeared in the debate had been approved by “multiple levels” who were involved in organizing the event, and that she had by no means “improvised”.

“I wanted him [M. Blanchet] can inform [les Canadiens à l’extérieur du Québec] on the “why” behind supporting these laws. He crumpled up: so be it. It was the debate in English, so it was in many ways the debate from outside Quebec, and in that perspective, what else could you ask him if he has no candidate outside? of Quebec?” she asked.

Recall that Ms. Kurl launched the following declaration to the leader of the Bloc Québécois at the opening of the debate: “you deny that Quebec has problems with racism, but you defend laws such as Law 96 and Law 21 which marginalize religious minorities. , anglophones and allophones. Quebec is recognized as a distinct society, but for those outside the province, please help them understand why your party also supports these discriminatory laws. ”

The moderator said “understand” why, “politically”, her intervention “gained momentum in Quebec”.

Let us recall that Bill 21 is the Act respecting the secularism of the State, while Bill 96 is the bill aimed at making French the only official and common language of the Quebec nation.

On Twitter, the founder of the firm Angus Reid, Mr. Angus Reid himself, came to the defense of Ms. Kurl, a journalist by profession.

“For the record, the Angus Reid Institute played absolutely no role in planning or running the debate in English. Our chairman, Shachi Kurl, was hired directly by the debate committee. Having said that, I am very proud of the work she did under difficult circumstances, ”he said.

He said he was “happy” that the question about Quebec laws was raised and returned to the charge. “Almost 60% of people outside Quebec do not agree with this measure and the courts say that it is contrary to the Charter of Rights. Please tell the English-speaking audience why you are supporting this project, Mr. Blanchet? ” he wrote.

Legault in a beautiful rifle

Outraged, Prime Minister François Legault argued Friday that the Quebec nation was attacked during the debate in English.

The latter neither more nor less demanded an apology from Mrs Kurl and the media consortium which organized the debate and prepared the questions.

“The Quebec nation is under attack in its skills, in what is most important, the French language, in its values […] it is unacceptable, ”launched the Premier of Quebec on Friday, leaving the pre-sessional caucus of CAQ members in anticipation of the start of the parliamentary term.

– With the collaboration of Geneviève Lajoie

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