Le Fouffre and his friends are ready to host the feast of Samain

The Montagnac event association has been at rest for two years now because of the Covid pandemic. Despite everything, its members have not been idle. After many meetings with another totemic structure, they signed a partnership to participate in Escale à Sète in April 2022 and thus represent the village if the municipality decides to follow them.

They also joined the Bleu Totems association, which brings together four nearby totems to create a school of traditional music. Finally, this year, all the lights are green or almost and the Fouffre should be able to go out, the October 31 next, for the feast of Samain (formerly Halloween).

Indeed, an authorization request with a health protocol was made to the prefecture and was accepted by the competent services.

All the volunteers got down to work to prepare for this event which will make a big splash this year. Indeed, Montagnac Event has decided to bring together no less than 100 musicians in order to bring the village to life to the rhythms of our traditional music.

Some have already responded, such as Cournonterral, Pomérols, les Bleu Totems, who have just created their traditional music school. Responses from Tamarou, Montblanc and Portiragnes are awaited.

An invitation was sent to members of the Tostemps association which manages the Montagnac goat. We can bet that they will respond and will come to party with everyone.

But there is still a step to pass, the agreement of the municipality.


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