LdAs – Showreel – Flurin Giger

Short Synopsis Kevin is young, Kevin is cool, Kevin is angry. Kevin wants a revolution! Only against what? His nicely padded life bores him to death. So he and his best friend Manuel found a commune based on the model of the old eighties. As an initiation ritual, the neo-revolutionaries bang their smartphones on the wall: real sensations again, drugs and theft, no more social media, away with conventions, out of the consumer world – that’s their goal! So people love, shout, smoke weed and search for slogans together. Not at all easy when the content is missing, the anger fizzles out and your own parents are the better revolutionaries. “Let the old ones die” is a tragic comic film about a generation gasping for air in a world made of cotton candy. PRESS RELEASE LET THE OLD Die is a coming-of-age film about the difficulties of growing up and the almost panic-like fear of drowning in the life of the bourgeoisie. Juri Steinhart takes us on a journey into the world of today’s urban Switzerland and thus sets a monument for all adolescents of today: young people for whom there is no friction and who mainly only know one serious duty: have fun. Leading actor Max Hubacher (“Der Verdingbub”, “Drifting”, “Night Train to Lisbon”) is convincing in the role of Kevin, whose rollercoaster ride pulls the audience into an abysmal undertow and shakes them violently. LASST DIE ALTEN DIE was produced by the producer team Louis Mataré and David Fonjallaz and is the second collaboration with director Juri Steinhart after the successful TV and web series “Experiment Schneuwly”, whose debut work LASST DIE ALTEN DIEBEN will start on October 12, 2017 to the cinema. The film was produced by Lomotion, co-produced by Teleclub and supported by the following sponsors: Bern Film Funding, Federal Office of Culture (EDI), Kulturfonds SUISSIMAGE, Migros-Kulturprozent, SoKultur, Succès passage antenne SRG SSR, FONDATION SUISA, STAGE POOL FOCAL / Ernst Göhner Foundation


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