Lavelanet. Residence of Europe, donation to CCAS …: the decisions of elected officials

The following deliberations were adopted during the last municipal council.

Residence of Europe. The OPHA validated the rehabilitation program for the 45 housing units of the Place de l’Europe residence, as part of its strategic heritage plan. Thermal, adaptability and common areas work. The total cost of this project amounts to 298,000 euros including tax.

The OPHA requested a subsidy equivalent to 5% of the amount, or 14,900 euros, which will entail that of the departmental council.

These communal and departmental contributions will prevent the cost of this rehabilitation from being passed on to the rents of each resident.

Don au CCAS. A donation of 2000 euros to the communal social action center was accepted. It is the work of the Lyon gaming club, following the organization, in September 2020, of a reunion tournament with this scent of solidarity.

Pool. An agreement to provide the Mirepoix intercommunal swimming pool for the 2021-2022 school year has been signed. The price for a school year is 1.50 euros per pupil and per session (Tuesday, 9.30 am to 10.45 am).

Travellers. During the community council on November 3, the councilors elected the four full delegates and four substitute delegates of the CCPO, from the four most populous municipalities in the country of Olmes, to sit on the union committee of the SMAGVA (Syndicat Mixte pour l ‘ reception of travelers in Ariège). However, each municipality in the land of Olmes in turn had to decide on joining SMAGVA. It’s done.

IT platform. An agreement to use the computer platform of the Lamartine school was signed with the association L’Age d’Olmes-Bien aging chez soi, in order to carry out courses for people new to the subject. Classes take place on Wednesdays, from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Digital base. The call for projects for a digital base (computers, tablets, screen, video projector, etc.) in elementary schools has been selected. It is part of the policy of restoring pedagogical continuity and supporting the digital transformation of education as part of the France relaunch plan.

Travel expenses. The expenses of an elected representative in the National Association of elected officials in charge of sport (Andes), from November 15 to 18, in Paris, will be borne by the municipality.


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