Lato: “Valencia always have to compete to be in Europe”




En the year of his consecration in Mestalla, Toni Lato it has had to adapt to forced marches. Jos Gay’s injury has made him indisputable on the left flank of the defense of Bordals. With the return of Pedreguer before him Barcelona, Side must fight again to gain a place in the eleven of the Turia.

Raised in Paternal, the man from La Pobla de Vallbona lives a dream in the team of his life. A team that next Sunday will live the difficult mission of getting something positive against Barcelona. On the occasion of the clash before those of Koeman, the Valencian reviews in ‘Marcador’ the Valencian news.

Manage a loss: “It’s complicated. Here you feel the goals of the team much more, you are one more fan. People ask you on the street how we could win a game and inside you are thinking the same thing. You don’t want them to ask you that kind of question because You feel it that way too. It’s different and difficult to carry. It has two parts, the part of being one more fan and wanting the best and the part of work and being put on the team. “

The requirement of Mestalla: “They are very demanding, but Valencia is Valencia, it is historical and it is a great club. It has been one of the clubs that has been at the top. The fans are demanding because they want to see their Valencia at the top. They feel very much about the club, they want things to go as well as possible for Valencia. That feeling that people have towards the club and their city makes them demanding, they want Valencia to fly to the top “.

objectives: “Our goal is to be as high as possible, hopefully we can compete for Europe. Valencia always has to compete in Europe, due to the club’s history. In the end, some seasons can go better or worse a few seasons, in the end it is normal, in The world of football is all very complex. There is no goal set, but the team is on a very good and ambitious line of work, we want to be at the top. We have shown that we can be, this weekend we have an important game and I hope to give another little step “.

Bar Templatea: “Barcelona is still a great team, they have spectacular footballers. It would be unfair to stay with one of all they have.”

Left sides in Paterna: “You work very well. Incredible values ​​are instilled in the Academy since you were little. In this case, great players like Jordi Alba, Bernat or Gay have come out in the left-back demarcation, I get along very well with them. It is incredible to see so many left-backs, of such a level, it is very difficult within European football. To see them at the top, being Valencianists when they were young, and now also in part, is incredible “.



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