Latitude Z600: No POST, no video, or blank screen


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Problem definitions

  • POST not performed: The Power On Self-Test (POST) is the sequence that the notebook goes through before the video is displayed on the screen or before the notebook starts Windows. Failure or interruption in the sequence causes no POST.
  • No video: The notebook goes through the power-up sequence but does not output to the LCD screen.
  • No start: The notebook turns on and displays video but cannot reach the operating system (Windows).



  • The CPU and memory modules on the Latitude Z600 are soldered to the motherboard.
  • There are no upgradeable or accessible memory slots.
  • Hard drives are removable but not customer accessible and are SSD drives.

The main troubleshooting is about checking codes Diagnostic LED.

If the volume LEDs show any status other than the one listed in the table above, the problem is likely in the absence power supply or absence of video images.

Check for the absence of video images

  • Turn on the computer, give it time to boot, and turn the Caps Lock LED on or off with the keyboard key Caps Lock.
    • Disabling the Caps Lock LED in this way confirms that the computer has successfully booted into the operating system.
  • Press and hold the key D and turn on the computer to enter the BIST (Built-In Self Test) mode of the LCD screen. Continue to hold the key down D until the colored bars appear on the screen.

If the screen works, the second test displays a series of white, red, green, and blue screens for approximately 20 seconds. Every two seconds the notebook beeps and keypad lock LEDs flash when the screen color changes to indicate that the test is in progress.

  • Connect an external monitor and check for video images.
    • This shows that the computer is working and that only the LCD does not turn on.

For any unresolved issues or further assistance, contact Dell Technical Support.

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