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Asymptomatic information


No reason information


Problem definition

  • Unable to POST: Power-on self-test (POST) is the sequence that the laptop goes through before the video appears on the screen or before the laptop boots to Windows. Errors or interruptions in the sequence will cause the POST to fail.
  • No video: The laptop is supplying power sequentially, but is not outputting to the LCD screen.
  • Unable to boot: The laptop is turning on and displaying video, but the operating system (Windows) cannot be reached.

Fault handling


  • The CPU and memory modules on Latitude Z600 are soldered on the motherboard.
  • There are no upgradeable or accessible memory slots.
  • The hard drive is removable but inaccessible to customers, and it is a solid state drive (SSD).

Main troubleshooting and inspection Diagnostic LED The code is related.

If the volume LED indicator shows a status other than the status listed in the table, the problem may be No power or No video

Check no video

  • Turn on the computer, allow enough time to boot and use the Caps-Lock keyboard key to switch Caps-lock LED。
    • Toggling the Caps-lock LED in this way confirms that the computer has successfully booted to the operating system.
  • Hold down D Key and turn on the computer to enter the LCD built-in self-test (BIST) mode.Keep holding D Key until you see the color bar on the screen.

If the screen is working properly, the second test will display a series of white, red, green and blue screens for about 20 seconds. Every two seconds, the laptop will sound an alarm, and the keyboard lock LED indicator will flash with the color of the screen to indicate that the test is in progress.

  • Connect an external monitor and check the video.
    • This proves that the computer is working properly and the LCD screen is not turned on.

If you have any unresolved issues or other assistance, please contact Dell Technical Support.

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