Late Special Prosecutor Lee Ye-ram’s team, who suffered sexual assault in the Air Force, urgently arrested a lawyer on charges of ‘falsifying transcripts’

A chrysanthemum flower is placed in front of a picture of the deceased on the day of remembrance held at the funeral hall of the Armed Forces Capital Hospital in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do on the morning of June 20, one day before the 1st anniversary of the 1st anniversary of the late Sergeant Lee Ye-ram, a victim of sexual violence in the Air Force. yunhap news

The Special Prosecutor’s Team Ahn Mi-young (56, 25th Judicial Research and Training Institute), which is investigating the death of the late Sergeant Ye-ram Lee, a victim of sexual violence in the Air Force, found a lawyer involved in the alleged manipulation of the transcript of the 12 made an emergency arrest.

The special prosecutor’s team explained to the media on the same day, “We have urgently arrested Mr. A, a former law firm lawyer, on charges of forgery of evidence and obstruction of business.”

The special prosecutor’s team seized and searched Mr. A’s office on the 9th in connection with the allegations. Then, three days later, during the investigation of suspect A, an emergency arrest was also made.

According to the special prosecutor’s team, “A” was related to suspicions of manipulation of the “Transcripts of Jeon Iksu” revealed by the Military Human Rights Center in November last year, saying that “A” contained the circumstances in which Jeon Ik-soo (52, Brigadier General), the Chief of Justice of the Air Force, led an investigation into the perpetrators of sexual violence without detention.

The special prosecutor’s team is reported to be looking into the possibility that Mr. A delivered the manipulated recording file to the Military Human Rights Center in the form of a report, and as a result, the Military Human Rights Center made the recording of content different from the facts.

According to the special prosecutor’s team, this suspicion of forgery was also linked to the charge of obstructing the work of the Military Human Rights Center.

The special prosecutor’s team plans to request an arrest warrant for Mr.


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