Laserluca: separation from Payton: more details from the podcaster

This all happened after Lucas last YouTube video

The life of influencer Luca aka Laserluca is currently changing rapidly. On September 17, 2022, he released what is probably his “most important video” on YouTube. In it he talks about having started therapy. Shortly thereafter he made the separation from his girlfriend Payton Ramolla public. Here you can find out how things are going for him and Payton and what has changed since then.

Laserluca: “Only Payton and I know what happened”

Social media star Laserluca published a video on YouTube eleven days ago entitled “My most important video so far”. And the title isn’t hyperbole or clickbait. The video already has over 1.8 million views (as of September 17, 2022) and has been discussed online ever since. Luca aka Laserluca speaks openly about his mental health, reveals that he shows “narcissistic traits” and has gone into therapy. Here you can find out more.

Shortly after publication, the influencer then shocked his fans on Instagram with the following message: He and his girlfriend Payton Ramolla have split up. Luca has now uploaded another video to YouTube in which he gives an update on his health and the breakup.

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Laserluca says about the separation from Payton: “We are both separated, we are no longer together and I will not say anything more about it. I want you to accept this decision, that you respect that, especially our privacy. And that now no wild speculation and rumors are spread. I get enough of that already. Only Payton and I know what happened.”

Laserluca is considering speaking in a new podcast episode of “Dick & Doof” with Sandra Safiulov aka Selfiesandra about the separation from “Internat” star Payton. “But currently and in the video” Luca does not want to go into it any further.

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Laserluca: “I’m currently not the person I want to be”

In his current YouTube video, Laserluca reveals what happened after his revelation. A therapist has told him he suffers from “impulse bursts” and has an “adjustment disorder.” Since he has spoken publicly about his problems, he has received more and more messages and is also approached on the street by strangers who encourage him or thank him for his honesty. On Instagram, he also thanked everyone who wrote to him or spoke to him.

Laserluca gives an update on Instagram
Laserluca gives an update on Instagram and thanks its fans. Credit: Instagram / laserluca via

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Some of his followers also have mental problems and feel understood by Laserluca’s video. The influencer is happy about the positive feedback, but he is still at the beginning of his path. “I want to work on myself and become a better person. (…) I’m currently not the person I want to be.” Luca emphasizes in his video that he is not depressed. “I’m glad to be alive and have no evil thoughts.”

The situation is different with YouTuber Ceddo. He recently spoke about his fear of slipping into depression. YouTuber Inscope21 is also not doing well. Like Luca, he received treatment. Inscope21 publicly admits: “I’m in a state of depression.”

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