Lady Gaga will sing the anthem at Biden’s inauguration ceremony

Lady Gaga will sing the anthem at Biden ‘s inauguration ceremony –

Lady Gaga will sing the anthem at Biden's inauguration ceremony

Lady Gaga also attended Baiden’s pre-election rally. (Photo: REUTERS / SCANPIX)

At the inauguration ceremony of newly elected US President Joe Biden, the US anthem will be performed by American pop star Lady Gaga, the president’s inaugural committee said on Thursday.

Lady Gaga also attended Baiden’s election rally in Pittsburgh the night before the presidential election.

Singer Jennifer Lopez will also take part in the inauguration ceremony on January 20, Georgia State Firefighter Andrea Hall will take an oath of allegiance to the US flag, and Amanda Gorman, the first US National Young Poet Laureate, will recite the poem.

The prayer will be recited by Father Leo O’Donavan and will be blessed by Reverend Silvester Beman of Wilmington, Delaware.

Due to the new coronavirus pandemic, Biden’s inauguration ceremony will be much more modest than traditional events.

The television program for the inauguration ceremony, which will be broadcast on major United States television channels, will be hosted by award-winning American film actor Tom Hanks.

The 90-minute Celebration of America will feature musical performances by stars such as John Bon Jowie, Justin Timberlake and Demi Lovato.

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