Ladies of the second division team Crefelder HTC celebrate their first win in the second half of the season

At 4:1 against Heimfeld
CHTC goalkeeper Sonja Thüner injured

After three unsuccessful games, the women of Crefelder HTC got their first three in the second half of the second field hockey league in a 4:1 (1:1) win against TG Heimfeld, but they were only able to do a good job to a limited extent in the tough 0:0 against Braunschweig connect.

The women of the CHTC had a very unfortunate start to the game against Heimfeld in front of a well-filled spectator stand. A long ball from Hamburg led to a penalty corner against the CHTC, which goalkeeper Sonja Thüner quickly parried with a bat. In the penalty corner that followed, the ball found its way over the line and the experienced goalkeeper also injured herself while turning. She had to be substituted after just one minute due to a suspected torn muscle fiber, so that her teammate Jana Gillessen, who was almost 30 years her junior, was used. The 23-year-old had already shown a decent performance in Bremen and this time improved significantly.

Her team was not shocked by the cold start either, but improved with every action. Jule Hufer rewarded her team’s great commitment with an equalizer (14′), before Lynn Krings turned the game in favor of the home team with her second goal of the season (21′). Before the break, Jule Hufer converted a penalty corner to 3:1 and was thus able to celebrate a goal for the seventh time this season. For the only 16-year-old Leni Hamacher, who joined the women’s squad this season, the joy of her goal to make it 4-1 (45th) was a premiere. In the last quarter, the Krefeld women were not quite able to maintain their high level, but Jana Gillessen parried a seven meter in, thus securing the clear and well-deserved home win.

“Today we played on our good attempts against Bremen and showed an excellent performance over long stretches. The start was extremely unfortunate, but the young team held together really well. We stabilized in an intense game and the young players fit in really well. Of course we hope that Sonja didn’t get seriously injured. Jana Gillessen put in a good performance in both games,” André Schiefer praised his goalkeeper.

Against Eintracht Braunschweig, who throw everything in in the relegation battle, the game developed from the start with fewer highlights. The intense game from the previous day was noticeable for the Krefeld women, but both teams created numerous chances. But neither from the game nor from set pieces could the Krefeld women complete their attacks cleanly and successfully. “It was more of a 2:2 game than a classic 0:0 with many chances but weaker conversion. We can definitely live with that point, it was a game in which little went smoothly and a lot of effort had to be put in.

In the table they defend their third place behind the Bonner THV, who also achieved a win and a draw at the weekend.


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