La Jornada – Editorial / Carta de Madrid: panismo, exhibited

On Thursday, 15 senators from the National Action Party (PAN) met with the leader of the far-right Spanish formation Vox, Santiago Abascal. During the meeting that took place in the offices of the parliamentary group blue and white, the legislators signed the Madrid Charter, a document promoted by the fascist party to join “political and social leaders” in the fight “against the advance of communism in the Iberian sphere.” According to the Charter, “a part of the region is kidnapped by totalitarian communist-inspired regimes, supported by drug trafficking and third countries,” for which it calls for defending “the rule of law, the rule of law, separation of powers, freedom of expression and private property ”.

Although the PAN leadership detached itself from the position of its members and affirmed that the senators attended in a personal capacity, the meeting was endowed with an official character as it was convened and chaired by the coordinator blue and white in the upper house, Julen Rementería. Likewise, the terms of the demarcation are at least questionable, insofar as they do not reject either the content of the Charter or the support provided by its members to a subject who has made an apology for the genocide, but rather “the wrong interpretations that may have been made of it. event”.

As much as the flagship party of the Mexican right tries to dilute the seriousness of the disfigurement carried out by its militants, the truth is that more than half of its senators expressed their adherence to a party that has among its flags the criminal prosecution of all dissidents politicians on issues of national identity; the suppression of the autonomous communities and the annulment of the regional judicial systems to install a centralism in open violation of local sovereignties (something ironic among those who, in Mexico, call themselves defenders of federalism); the political restoration of the Franco regime through the repeal of the Historical Memory Law; the immediate expulsion of all undocumented immigrants, even minors; religious intolerance in what its supporters understand as protection of the “Christian identity of Europe”, the idea that the Gender Violence Law “makes men guilty for the fact of being men”, the cancellation of rights conquered by people who make up sexual diversity, and the attack against women’s reproductive rights for considering abortion “a moral and legal aberration.”

But the signing of the Madrid Charter not only exhibits the retrograde, authoritarian and surrendering spirit of a large part of the Mexican opposition; it also highlights the inability of Spanish-speaking rights on both sides of the Atlantic to articulate ideological and political programs at the level of contemporary society. By calling to combat the non-existent danger of the “advance of communism” in what in a Hispanocentric way they call “iberosphere”, Vox and the PAN show such an absolute disconnection from reality that they take an extinct polarity three decades ago as the axis of their political activity .

It is clear that the effective realization of the rule of law, the rule of law, the separation of powers and freedom of expression, in whose name the PAN and their new allies intend to speak, requires leaving behind the anachronistic language of the cold War and raise the tone of public debate in order to prevent it from getting bogged down in nonsense and misguidance.


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