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by drbyos

La Gaîté Lyrique is a new Paris hall dedicated to digital culture and contemporary music. La Gaîté Lyrique is a new place in Paris dedicated to digital art and new music. TO LIVE, CLICK ALLOLA TO LIVE THE EXPERIENCE. www.gaite-lyrique.net/experience CREDIT Creator and director: Yves Geleyn Music and sound design: Marc Teitler and Bernd Norbert Wuertz Commissioner and co-producer: La Gaîté Lyrique – La Paris Chief and Artistic Director: Jérôme Delormas Managing Director: Alain Herzog Executive Producer Passion Paris Managing Producer: Marc Bodin-Joyeux Producer: Claire Potel Modeling / Setup / Rendering: Landry Munoz / Jérôme Hereng Texture Designer: Vincent Duponchel 3D Post-Production: Another Production Managing Producer: Benjamin Darras Animation Director: Johnny Alves Design / Animation / Baptiste Sola / Grégory Lanfranchi / Quentin Darras Interactive Design: Grouek Interactive Creative Director: Sonia Borsarelli Production Manager: Emmanuel Saccoccini Project Manager: Fanny Anton Interactive Designer: Cécile Pondard / Coralie Castot Programming: Julien Mahé / Yandann Guény / Bertr Libellule “Jean-Luc Hervé:” Rêve de vol ” (voice: Donatienne Michel-Dansac / Clarinet: Pierre Dutrieu) Logo design Michel Mallard’s studio Thanks to Michael Feder / Charlotte Léouzon / Andrew Ruhemann / Michael Adamo / Hugo Sands / Patricia Claire / Patrick Jean / Christophe Zotokas / Michel Mallard / Nicolas Bernard / Marina de Azcarate / Anne Darey © February 2010 www.yvesgeleyn.com www.passion-paris.com www.grouek.com www. onemoreproduction.com

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