La Casa de los Famosos: Two men and one woman, they are the THREE nominees this week

The House of the Famous It is in one of the most tense moments of the week, now after two terrible eliminations the celebrities will have to face the votes of their other colleagues and discover if they will be the ones who will be nominated to leave within the following week of the competition, the Jealousy, stress, and troubles around the house could put anyone at risk.

Each of the celebrities have to face the truth of their other colleagues because they will discover who really are against them, remember that everything is a game and being locked up for weeks under the same roof continues to bring out the most explosive side of all the participants .

Being watched 24 hours a day, seven days a week, he has shown the different facets of celebrities inside the house since not all the time they are in the best mood, the way to win the 200 thousand dollars that are from the The other side of the door makes all the famous people put aside their friendships and focus on the game.

Nomination Thursday at La Casa de los Famoso

Gaby Spanic, Celia Lora, Cristina Eustace, Verónica Montes, Gisella Aboumrad, Kimberly Flores, Christian de la Campa, Uriel del Toro, Roberto Romano, Pablo Montero, Christian Estrada, Daniel Vargas and Jorge Aravena will show their most sincere face to talk about the nominees they want to send to the plate and get them out of the house to have a chance to reach the great goal of reaching the end.


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