Kysela: You can’t get Farsky to resign

MP Farský flew to the United States for an eight-month scholarship without resigning. He is criticized not only by the opposition and President Zeman, but also by coalition pirates and people who are pushing the STAN movement to resolve it. Is it possible to resign at a distance?

The preferred form of resignation is in person at a meeting of the Chamber. But it is assumed that a Member may not be able to do so for health or other reasons, and therefore there is an alternative form. In the form of a notarial deed.

Giving up a salary is a way of clearing my conscience, but it has certainly not been enough for critics

In the USA, however, the Czech notarial record is probably not possible, and therefore it would be necessary to find an equivalent that expresses an unquestionable expression of the will of the deputy. However, MP Farský made it clear that if he had to move to the Czech Republic, he would do so. Therefore, if he decides to resign, he will not have to look for the American way, but will choose either a meeting or a notarial record in the Czech Republic.

Is there a way to force Farski’s party colleagues to resign?

There is no such possibility.

The term of office is free and various guarantees are provided to the mandate holder. The only way to remove someone from office is to remove all Members from office by dissolving the House. Otherwise, it is at the discretion of the deputy, because it is perceived sensitively in Czech constitutional history.

In the interwar period, a number of deputies and senators who dissided against their parties were deprived of their mandate with the help of the Electoral Court, despite the constitutional guarantee of a free mandate.

This is so traumatic that the legislator has tried to avoid this burden as much as possible. Therefore, it is left to the Member of Parliament. All that is possible is to appeal to him. They can draw a question mark over his political future. They can tell him they don’t want to be in the club with him anymore, but that’s all.

Member of Parliament Jan Farský (STAN)

Photo: Jan Handrejch, Právo

Do you remember a similar case?

No, it’s a unique reason. Senator Chuba was absent for many months, and when it became clear that his health could not improve, he was forced to resign. But this is a quite different situation.

According to some critics, the main problem is that Farský sets a dangerous precedent for other deputies.

I don’t think so, because the reason is unique. There are not many successful Fulbright fellows. It depends on how we view the situation. I have the general impression that we are becoming disproportionately demanding on political representation.

It often happens that a person who is normally sympathetic to you becomes the object of your contempt with choice. I do not want to defend Mr Farski, but we should be realistic about where to draw the line between what politicians want without wanting.

Now we have a case with English. When ministers don’t control it well, it’s another reason to spit on them. If we keep escalating this, we won’t have any political cadres in a while.

In the case of Farský, it depends on which variant you find more credible. Either we will take this scholarship as unique, which will help the person to be more valid in the service of the public, or we will take it in such a way that the deputy has found any obstacle so that he does not have to go to the Chamber.

Were you surprised by the reaction to his move?

I was surprised that MP Farský had been planning this scholarship for a long time, because it is certainly a problem to be a member of parliament and at the same time to be abroad for half a year. The level of reaction, which was not only from dissatisfied pirate voters, surprised me.

It seems that the fact that Farský said that he would send parliamentary salary and flat-rate compensation to non-profit organizations did not help much either.

From his point of view, it was a way of clearing his conscience that he had nothing to do with it. But those who comment critically do not consider it sufficient. It is in the spirit of who wants to hit the dog, so he finds the stick, although it is quite unusual and unhappy.


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