Kylie Jenner: Waitress accuses the model of leaving little tip

How celebrities manage money is a mystery; they can end up investing large amounts of money in things that they do not really need and, at the same time, be greedy. This seems to be the case of Kylie Jenner, as a former employee of a luxury restaurant assured that when she served the billionaire received such a small tip that it was not even close to 15%suggested in US stores.

Julia Carol Ann, a former waitress at a luxurious restaurant in Manhattan and now a tiktoker, published a video in which she recounts the celebrities she had the opportunity to attend, and recalled how each one of them was treated, qualifying them in a table from 0 to 10, taking into account the degree of friendliness or hostility, as well as the amount of the tip with which she was rewarded for her services.

Some of the celebrities included in the list were the Hadid sisters -Gigi and Bella-, Beyoncé (all three highly rated), Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber (with not very flattering evaluations), among others. But the one who received the worst rating of all was Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian family and the sister who he has done better in the cosmetics business, being the creditor of a fortune valued at one billion dollars. It was so that in 2018, she became the youngest billionaire person, surpassing Mark Zuckerberg.

But it seems that Kylie is not enough with the six zeros that are added to her account, for each publication that contains advertising on her Instagram, since according to Carol Ann’s memories, after consuming a bill of more than 500 dollars -more than 10 thousand Mexican pesos- The businesswoman left a tip of only 20 dollars -400 Mexican pesos-, which is equivalent to 4% of the 15% that, preferably, must be paid together with the bill.

For sparing no expense, the tiktoker rated Kylie two out of 10 points. She, although she also stressed that she did not have a bad treatment, but that when she received the tip, the evaluation that she could have taken fell to the ground. “He was fine, but he tipped $20 on a $500 dinner bill”he indicated.

Everything indicates that Kylie prefers to preserve expenses to pamper little Stormi, a daughter she shares with rapper Travis Scott, who at the young age of four already owns material goods that exceed thousands of dollars. These include a diamond necklace -which she received on her first birthday-, a $12,000 Hermés backpack, a gift for the first day of school, a $50,000 mini Lamborghini, a $200 pony -whose name is Frozen- md, a 20 md mini toy mansion, among many other eccentricities. We wonder if there are any gifts waiting for Wolf Webster, her four-month-old son?


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