Kylie Jenner reveals her incredible birthday party for her 25th birthday!

This Wednesday, August 10, 2022, Kylie Jenner celebrated her 25th birthday. Here’s what she did to celebrate her quarter century!

25 years worth celebrating! This Wednesday, August 10, Kylie Jenner did not fail to have fun. Surrounded by her friends and family, the star celebrated her birthday in style. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Kylie Jenner, victim of several controversies

Lately, Kylie Jenner is at the heart of several controversies. Indeed, some of his actions and his words do not pass with his subscribers on Instagram.

A few days ago, she drew the wrath of her fans by posing with her darling Travis Scott in front of their respective private jet. “Do you want to take mine or yours?” »she captioned it.

Without surprise, his post set fire to the powder and the fans got fired up. ” Why should I limit my meat consumption and use paper straws when 1% of the population emit tons of CO2 just for a day trip to Palm Springs? »then denounced a user.

And as if that weren’t enough, Kylie Jenner created a new scandal few weeks later. This time, it’s about her brand, Kylie Cosmetics.

Indeed, she was traveling to Milan to visit the labs of her brand. That said, on the pictures, we see her without gloves, without a mask or even a charlotte. A behavior that displeased a lot of fans.

But, Kylie Jenner can count on those close to her to forget her problems. In effect, to celebrate its 25th anniversary, they went all out. MCE TV tells you more!

@kyliejennerits my birthdayyyyyy 💕🦋🦋♬ original sound – Kylie Jenner

A colorful 25th anniversary party

Sir TikTok, Kylie Jenner shared a few moments from her birthday party. And, one thing is certain, the star was rather well surrounded. In the video, we see her sisters, Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian, her daughter Stormi and some of her friends.

The day of his 25th birthday therefore began gently with brunch with family and closest friends. Then, fans were able to follow the rest of the events on his Instagram.

In effect, the star shared a photo of herself in front of fireworks. Was it shot just for her? Kylie Jenner does not specify. But she insinuates it into the legend. ” Twenty five years “she wrote.

Finally, it is difficult to talk about its 25 years without addressing the many messages of love that she received from her family. Starting with his sister Kim Kardashian.

“Each year, you amaze me with the wisdom and generosity of your heart. You are so special and unique. Happy birthday “thus posted the mother of North on Instagram.

Of course, his mom Kris Jenner, did not fail to wish him his birthday. “Happy birthday to my baby girl Kylie Jenner ! You are beyond a dream come true and you are the most amazing daughter, mom, sister, aunt, friend there is.”she commented.

One thing is sure, Kylie Jenner can always count on her family and close friends. Thus, she should remember all her life of her 25 years.


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