Kylie Jenner revealed the name of her baby by mistake, she did not want to make it public

Since Kylie’s second baby was born, many speculations have arisen about his name, because let’s remember that when Kylie and Travis’s second heir came into this world, it was his mother who had confirmed that he would be called ‘WOLF’, however, days later he reported on his social networks that the little boy would no longer be called that:

“FYI, our son’s name is no longer Wolf. The truth is that we felt that it did not fit with him. I share it simply because I keep seeing ‘Wolf’ everywhere”, he wrote on his Instagram.

Since then, there has been a lot of speculation regarding the name of the child, even a few weeks ago, after the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner, published a photograph with her daughter Stormi, everyone assured that the model had leaked the name without realizing it. bill.

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It was a photo in which the businesswoman writes in the description. “Just me, storm and coconut traveling the world together”, something that quickly went viral, ensuring that her son was called: Coconut.

However, now a month after that publication, the rumors of the little boy’s real name are returning, where they would have ruled out said rumor.

Recently, while the businesswoman celebrated Father’s Day, Travis, the father of her two little ones, Kylie shared the decoration of the day, revealing that she had decorated her house with giant balloons that formed the word “Happy Dads Day”, leaving see in the background that his daughter Stormi was painting some pictures and one of them read “Daddy” accompanied by a drawing of a man and next to someone small, which would say “Jacob” above according to fans who have analyzed the image .

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This would undoubtedly be one of the most accurate theories, because even the song that they both dedicated to Stormi called “To our daughter) has ‘My best friend Jacob’ as the artist. Something that, furthermore, would not be unusual since the rapper’s real name is not Travis Scott, because that is his stage name, it is actually Jacques Berman Webster, which would increase the theory discussed at this time, ensuring that ‘Jacob’, it could be a way in which you want to relate the real name of the singer.

The only thing certain is that neither of them has officially spoken of their son’s name, neither to confirm nor deny the rumors. Although the Kardashian-Jenner family has always referred to the child as ‘Baby’, which has not allowed his name to leak in the massive events of the house.

However, the fans of the businesswoman hope that, with these rumors, the real name will soon be revealed because it has been quite rare that after months of birth it remains a mystery.

Find out about the news in this video:

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