Kylie Jenner retakes the networks and boasts her second pregnancy | News from Mexico

UNITED STATES.- Kylie Jenner recently revealed to all her followers that she is pregnant with her second baby next to Travis Scott, as well he announced it with a moving video that touched the entire public on Instagram.

Although several weeks ago the rumor began to spread that the model was expecting another baby, some did not take it into account, until Jenner confirmed the news and since then he has been the center of attention of all his fans.

Now, by revealing this fact, Kylie He took up his networks to publish images of her and how she looks with her “baby bump” and managed to captivate her followers by looking just as incredible as before, as the 24-year-old businesswoman is quite happy and confident during this pregnancy that she seems to be enjoying to the fullest.

To show this to her millions of followers on the platform, Kylie Jenner shared the first official photo of her pregnant, where she posed with a totally white outfit and very retro glasses, but also characteristic of her. The dress was leather type with a halter neck and a very 90s cut, which she combined with a trench coat of the same color.

With her special touch, the socialite used stilettos with an opening at the bottom and a touch of white on the heel, which gave the perfect and combined touch to her outgoing look.

These photos caused a sensation on Instagram and Kylie Jenner got 13.5 million likes and almost 50 thousand comments from users who expressed their love and happiness for this new stage that he is living, in addition to exclaiming how good he looked showing off his belly in his incredible outfit.

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