Kylie Jenner engaged to Travis Scott? This detail freaks out the fans

After several weeks of speculation on the Web, Kylie Jenner has finally formalized her second pregnancy by unveiling an adorable video a few days ago on Instagram. A surprise announcement which did not fail to delight the many fans of the young woman. Today more fulfilled than ever, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan would she have something else to celebrate? In any case, this is what Internet users are convinced. Indeed, according to them, Kylie would have been engaged in the greatest secrecy to Travis Scott since one detail in particular on the post below has not escaped anyone.

By zooming in on the first photo, some fans of the pretty brunette noticed she was wearing a ring on her left ring finger and it did not take more for the entire Web to panic: “Her ring!”, “Is she engaged?”, “Is that a ring I see?” could we read in particular. So, is Kylie Jenner preparing to marry the rapper anytime soon? Difficult to really know given that no announcement of the main concerned has yet been made. In the meantime, and in the rest of the family news, check out these surprising photos where Khloé Kardashian is the look-alike of Tori Spelling.

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