Kwon Min-ah apologizes, texts abusive to Jimin + manager’s abuse of power, “excessive revenge”

Kwon Min-ah’s apology photo = DB

Kwon Min-ah, a former member of AOA, apologized and explained the abusive text message to Jimin and the controversy over the manager’s abuse of power.

Kwon Min-ah was unable to post on Instagram Stories on the 9th, so I will only talk about this and delete it from SNS tomorrow. First of all, I checked the photos and videos that Yoo claims, and I also checked the water level.”

He showed me my condition but didn’t say anything else, the one text in the article was all there was, and there was no threat. In other words, (my mother) never threatened me with an extreme choice.”

In addition, Kwon Min-ah’s actions and remarks went too far, leaving behind the unfinished case and my bitter feelings after leaving the group. However, I wanted to release the audio and video rather than the text of the transcript. But the video, no one will have it, right?” he said.

Then, there were too many edited parts in the transcript, and I promised that I would forgive everything if I said a sincere apology, but from my point of view, it didn’t seem like a sincere apology, and 10 years was too long and painful for me.”

In addition, however, after that, the actions including text messages were so revengeful that they wanted to repay the same, so they were more violent, and they continued to go too far, so they made their own words and actions that should not be done.” was given sorry. I hope that we will not be bound by the past anymore, that we will stop social media for a while, and that if there is an opportunity, we will have a place where we can have a conversation again.”

Meanwhile, on the 8th, Dispatch reported on the conversation log of the time Kwon Min-ah became controversial when she revealed that she had been harassed by Jimin in the past. According to the report, Jimin and Kwon Min-ah said, ‘We had a conflict because of our memories, and we made efforts such as having Cho-ah become a major concern. After leaving Jiminah’s team, Minah Kwon shocked him by sending him a text message containing abusive language.

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