KUWTK: Kanye and Julia Fox Wear Matching Outfits at Paris Fashion Week

Kanye West and Julia Fox have brought their whirlwind romance to Paris, and in matching outfits, too. The rapper and actress have been dating since the new year. His latest appearance follows a public feud between Kanye and his ex-wife, keeping up with the Kardashians star Kim Kardashian, on her daughter’s birthday.

Kanye and Julia’s relationship has generated a lot of publicity from the beginning. The 31-year-old, who once claimed to be a KUWTK super fan, he has even written about his dates for Interview Magazine. The former dominatrix has also been very open about the romance on her podcast. In a recent episode, she defended herself against the gold digger accusations, insisting that she’s not just dating the 44-year-old for the fame and money. In fact, Julia doesn’t mind the attention hanging out with Kanye brings, or so she says. But the pair turn heads wherever they go, and this latest outing was no exception.

As reported by page Six, Julia and Kanye attended Kenzo’s Fall/Winter 2022/2023 fashion show on Sunday. This was also their official red carpet debut as a couple. For the remarkable outing, the couple showed up in matching double jean outfits. Both wore jean jackets and jeans, as well as black gloves. Julia went the extra mile by pairing the look with denim boots. Kanye kept his sunglasses on, while his girlfriend wore intense smokey eye makeup and large gold earrings. Julia’s outfits have received special attention since she started dating the musician. While writing about their second date, the uncut gems star revealed that Ye brought her a closet full of clothes. Since then, Kanye has dressed the new muse Julia for all of his public appearances. The Yeezy designer did the same thing to his ex-wife when they started dating. Fans of Kim’s long-running reality show will remember that she threw out all her old clothes to replace them with items she specifically chose.

Many people took to social media to compare the outrageous outfits to the infamous denim looks worn by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in 2001. This wasn’t the only reference to pop music. Julia’s cropped jean jacket also featured a cone bra, an apparent homage to one of pop star Madonna’s many unforgettable outfits. Julia and Kanye had dinner with Madonna recently, on another date the actress wrote about. The rising star has apparently met with the diva to discuss a role in her upcoming biopic.

While the native New Yorker seems smitten with the musician, some speculate that her boyfriend has ulterior motives. Kanye and Kim are reportedly not on good terms following their latest outburst. But he has made no secret of his desire to win Kim back. However, he has publicly dated several famous women since his marriage ended. With this latest relationship, many think Kanye is just using Julia to make Kim jealous. Meanwhile, the SKIMS founder focuses on her own relationship with comedian Pete Davidson, which draws attention. Kanye responded by threatening the actor in a new song that also referenced his new love interest.

The The hip-hop artist’s actions have only pushed the former keeping up with the Kardashians star further away. And ironically, it’s been reported that Kanye’s public dislike brought Kim and Pete closer together. Given Ye’s erratic behavior and her unstoppable obsession with her ex, anyone can guess where Julia’s romance will go from here.

Source: Page Six


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