Kuwaiti Farah Al-Hadi celebrates the reception of her newborn Adam (video and photos)

Kuwaiti Farah Al-Hadi celebrates the reception of her newborn Adam (video and photos)

Kuwaiti actress Farah Al-Adi celebrated her birth, Adam, in an atmosphere full of joy and joy. Farah published excerpts from her celebration through her official account on the Instagram photo and video trading site, and wrote: Receiving Baby Adam.

Comments poured in on Farah with expressions of love, calling on God Almighty to preserve him for her and complete their joy well and perpetuate their joy and joy in their next life.

Farah Al-Hadi’s appearance at the reception of her newborn

Farah appeared in the video, which she published, in a loose pink dress, and she relied on simple makeup in nude shades, with a loose hairstyle and simple accessories.

Video of Kuwaiti Farah Al-Hadi receiving her new baby, Adam

Farah thanked everyone who attended her birth reception and wrote: Thank you to everyone who attended. You made me happy and supported on an important and big day for me.

And she continued: Thank you to all my sisters and my family who follow me, who shared this joy with me, I will never forget it.

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It is noteworthy that Farah Al-Hadi announced the news of her dream after five years of marriage through a video she posted on her personal Instagram account while she was in a state of collapse after she sent a pregnancy detection device to her doctor to send her doctor that she was pregnant, so Farah collapsed from crying.

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Farah attached the video to a comment: I was afraid of you for the secret of 2022, and I could not be patient more than that, because you are my family and sisters and the dearest thing I have in my life, and your father lives with me on this journey and you are close to me in all its details.

And she added: After five years, a thousand thanks be to God, Lord, for this blessing and this feeling, and God provides for all the deprived, Lord, and God acknowledges my eyes by seeing him healthy and well, Lord, pray for me, may God complete my pregnancy safely.

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