Kun Agüero makes fun of Real Madrid, ‘you have me rotten with Mbappé’

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Before the closing of transfers in Europe last Tuesday, what Kylian Mbappé left PSG and went to Real Madrid It was the theme of every day in the football world, but that everything was left in a failed recruitment attempt by the meringues led to Sergio Aguero, player of the Barcelona, to make fun of the white club.

And it is that in a chat with him youtuber Iba Llanos, Kun recriminates him that he only spent it talking every day about that possible transaction and when they make it clear to him the importance it had due to the large amount that the Madrilenians thought to release and that this signing would have left the Catalans at a disadvantage, Agüero he sneered.

“Boludo, every day breaking eggs with Madrid … all day Mbappé, Mbappé, Mbappé, you have me rotten every day with Mbappé”, Agüero tells him.

“200 million! … because if Mbappé comes there is no chance (for Barcelona),” Llanos tells Kun.

And quickly, Agüero knew how to give him a striking answer:

“Wine? You want to kill yourself!”, That was where they both burst out laughing in a video that has gone viral on social networks.



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