Kudumbavilakku sumithra: Sumitra’s Sidhu is now with the Goddess of Swantvanam; Congratulations to Sakshal Sumitra too! – kudumbavilakku fame kk menon joins with chippy renjith starrer maunaragam2


  • KK Menon’s new costume
  • The hero of the family lamp is now with the mussel

Meera Vasudev is at the forefront of the TRP charts Family lamp Always be on the serial. Kudumbavilakku is a series that is at the forefront of audience ratings and ratings. The series tells the story of the survival of a housewife named Sumitra. Audiences’ favorite series, ‘Kudumbavilakku’, tells the story of Sumitra’s discomforts and conflicts in her life from her husband, children and other family members.

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Now, the fans have taken up another issue related to the series. Actress Meera Vasudev, Krishnakumar, Sreejith Vijay, Nubin Johnny, Athira Madhav, Sumesh, Manju Satheesh, Amrita and KPSC Sajeev will play the lead roles in the series. Family Lantern is produced by Chitra Shenoy’s Good Production Company. The series, written by Anil Bass and directed by Manju Dharman, has been at the forefront of the trending list on YouTube as well.

Sumitra’s husband Sidhu, who is the central character in the series, is no longer in the family after marrying Vedika. Now Sidhu’s new story is getting attention. Sidhu in Kudumbavilakku is now in another series and the actor himself informed the fans about this. The actress is sharing her new happiness through her Instagram page.

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KK Menon, who is shining as Sidhu in Malayalam, is a part of the Tamil series Maunaragam 2 starring actress Chippy. Chippy plays the character of Kandra in another hit Malayalam serial ‘Santhanam’. There are many fans of Anjali and Shiva’s stories of consolation. Also, the Goddess, who plays the role of their Chetathiamma, has many admirers.

KK Menon’s new Instagram post is sharing pictures from Maunaragam 2 location. The actor writes; ‘Wanakkam Tamilkam, I say with joy and pride, from today I will be a part of Maunaragam 2’. Thank God for giving me this good opportunity. And thanks to the channel, the cast, and all his teammates and friends.

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About KK Menon. After the actor’s post, Sumitra from Kudumbavilakku also came on the scene to congratulate him. ‘Congratulations. I pray for the success of Maunaragam 2 ‘, commented Meera Vasudev, co-founder of Kudumbavilak. Other players have also congratulated KK Menon.


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