Krefeld Ravens continue to write their success story

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Undisciplined Ravens win against Remscheid

This club history is so far a dream story. The Krefeld Ravens have been rushing from victory to victory since their founding in 2017 and remain undefeated. After the success against Remscheid Amboss, the top game in Wuppertal is now in the fourth division.

The Krefeld Ravens remain undefeated in their club history. In the 28-0 win against Remscheid Amboss, who was struggling with many absentees, coach Jörg Hintzen’s men had a much harder time than they had previously thought. In the end, two of the four touchdowns by Noah Kölling and Glenn Holloway fell just before the end of the game when the guests ran out of strength. For Kölling it was already the second success of the encounter. Already in the third quarter he had carried the ball into the end zone. Nicki Tenwinkel made it 7-0 after a long pass over 40 meters in the first round. Kicker Dennis Storm safely converted the extra points.

“Today could have been better overall. We’re going against Wuppertal in two weeks and I really hope we’ll pull together and really push against Wuppertal again,” said running back Kölling, who was twice successful, after the match, looking forward to the decisive game for promotion against the first team, who had the same number of points Wuppertal Greyhounds. This passed the Ravens with a sovereign 69:0 at the Aachen Vampires at the same time.

The Krefelders didn’t get along as well as in the previous season, especially in the passing game. The otherwise outstanding playmaker Jan Leuker, who has not had an intercepted pass all season so far, made three of these mistakes. On the other side, Jonas Kronenberg, as playmaker, also intercepted the ball, but carried it excellently again and again and gained a lot of space.

For the Krefeld offensive, the main thing now is to learn the right lessons from the match and then to be in top form for the showdown on the Wupper on June 18th. The outstanding ball carrier Darion Neal did not see the encounter quite so critically. “In the end, all that matters to me is that we won. It was a team success, we stuck together,” said the American, who was voted the team’s best offensive player by the coach. With a total gain of 234 meters in 19 attempts, he was almost unstoppable. His best action was a run almost the entire field (90 yards) before being stopped just short of the finish. Kölling then took care of the rest and the preliminary decision with his first touchdown.

The Ravens’ biggest problem was discipline. With eleven penalties for 134 meters, they repeatedly ruined their own successes – that too must improve against Wuppertal if the next win in the club’s history is to follow.


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