Kratos pulls Leviathan out to “negotiate” in God of War Ragnarok

Yeah, suddenly it’s called that

Tensions appear to be growing between Krathos and Atreus as Ragnarok approach in this trailer unpublished from the sequel to God of War. The PlayStation Showcase allowed to see a little more about the title which is indeed called God of War Ragnarok, contrary to what they wanted us to believe.

You can see amazing things, like a clash between Freya and Kratos and the possibility for Atreus to summon a deer spirit to overlap it and destabilize the enemies.

We are told thatOdin isn’t much of a Kratos fan, which is hardly surprising considering the events of the first game. This time the god of war is going to call for help, and not just any: that of Tyr, Norse God of War.

Kratos and his son will likely pass by several environments since we pass in this trailer of Nordic mountains Has landscapes where the climate is milder. Eric Williams, new game director, says the northern part of God of War will be concluded in this new opus.

Car Cory Barlog is no longer in charge of the game, he is working on a new project which, of course, he cannot speak about at the moment.

We will end up mentioning Angrboda, which we see towards the end of the trailer and which is the last giant, the famous people so mysterious. She promises that we will have answers to our questions, at least some of them.

Speaking of answers to our questions, we have still not the one of the release date as a result. It’s balo, that.

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