KOTOR remake will be exclusive to PS5


By: Samuel Moreno | 09-09-21

One of the first bombs that PlayStation dropped during its most recent digital broadcast was the remake of Knights of the Old Republic, affectionately known as KOTOR.

For those who do not remember or were unaware of this title, KOTOR was an important video game that came out in 2003 and marked many people who were fans of action rpg and followers of the Star Wars universe.

Developed by Bioware, KOTOR used the d20 system of Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition rules. The game also uses a morality system. Based on the actions you do, you can go the path of light or darkness.

The remake is in charge of Aspyr, who have been in charge of porting old Star Wars games. For KOTOR they are doing much more advanced work that involves a complete facelift but retaining the main characters and story.

According to the PlayStation blog, the KOTOR remake will be a console exclusive on PS5 during its launch. So you can look forward to its arrival on PC and eventually Xbox.

What was Knights of the Old Republic about?

Knights of the Old Republic explored a different facet to what other Star Wars games did that always tried to position themselves between the original trilogy or telling future events.

KOTOR’s plot took place 4,000 years before that the Galactic Empire will be formed and placed us at the height of the Galactic Republic.

In the story we are told about the famous event “Mandalorian Wars” where two Jedi knights known as Revan and Malak actively participated, achieving the victory of the Republic. Both characters will eventually end up on the dark side and want to overthrow their former teammates.

As a curiosity, KOTOR was initially launched as an exclusive to the first Xbox. Later it would reach PC and MAC. Between 2013 and 2014, it reached mobile devices.

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