Koch from 1966 knew how to do it

Koch from 1966 knew how to do it
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“Everything was better in the past,” is what many people say, at least today. But does that also apply to fried eggs? TV chef Helmuth Misak would probably confirm that.

The picture looks a little gritty, the language is unfamiliar to today’s ears: the television station recently shared ORF on Facebook a video clip of the show TV kitchen from 1966. There, TV chef Helmuth Misak explained how to prepare the perfect fried egg – and that fried eggs need “twelve to 14 minutes” until they are “right”. Will they then compete with the best fried egg in the world?

The perfect fried egg can only be achieved in the right pan

The Austrian Helmuth Misak, who died in Vienna in 2008, was a great advocate of easy-to-cook and inexpensive cuisine. In the show TV kitchen he therefore also showed how the spectators achieve a perfect result with the fried egg. Already in the first sentence of the video it becomes clear how much patience one would actually need. In his opinion, fried eggs take up to 14 minutes to cook.

In addition, the true fried egg only succeeds in a pan with indentations, the so-called waffle base. If you don’t have it in the cupboard, you can easily use another pan. “Only then they are not fried eggs, but ox eyes,” explains Misak in the video. If you work with a wrought iron or cast iron pan, you should definitely season it properly before using it for the first time.

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Preparing the perfect fried egg – according to TV chef Misak

If you want to prepare fried eggs – or ox eyes – like the TV chef, you not only need the right pan, but also a lot of patience. (Iconic image) © evgeniykleymenov/Imago

In them TV kitchen– Excerpt Misak explains exactly how to fry his fried egg:

  1. Place the pan with the waffle base on the stove.
  2. Add a little fat and salt the fat a little. (By the way, one food blog recommends frying eggs in cream.)
  3. Heat the fat to a tepid temperature, “not hot”.
  4. Add (fresh) eggs to the lukewarm fat: they should set slowly.
  5. Let the fried eggs (or ox eyes) cook on a low flame – about twelve to 14 minutes.

Misak also explains why he salts the fat: “Because if I salted the eggs from above, the eggs would go blind.”

Koch from 1966 still inspires viewers today

Under the Facebookvideo about the perfect fried egg gathers the comments of enthusiastic viewers. Many praise the way Helmuth Misak speaks, others wallow in nostalgia on the show. Here is a selection of the comments:

  • “Very nice and pleasant pronunciation and language culture. I could listen to that for hours 🙏”
  • “I loved this show 😍”
  • “Thank you, dear Helmuth Misak! I was born in 1966 myself and I think a lot about the art of cooking from that time because that’s how it was taught to me! ❤”
  • “Learned something again👍”

However, many people still make some mistakes when cooking eggs or fried eggs.


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