Klopp shares witty conversation with Van Dijk after scare against Turkey

Jürgen Klopp was shocked when he saw the images of a stumbling Virgil van Dijk in the final minutes of the match between The Netherlands and Turkey. The defender quickly indicated after the time that it was nothing serious, but Klopp really wanted to be sure.

The German Liverpool coach quickly contacted Van Dijk after the game. The Dutchman seems to be there this weekend against Leeds United. “You can imagine it was a scary moment,” Klopp told Liverpool club channels. He immediately contacted Van Dijk after the game. “Are you okay? And. One hundred percent? Two hundred percent. Then make a video where you don’t limp,” Klopp shares the conversation.

That conversation already took place when Van Dijk was in the team bus after the game. Liverpool have a tough schedule in the coming weeks, starting this weekend against Leeds. The following Wednesday, AC Milan will be played in the group stage of the Champions League.

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