Kiss scandal: Rubiales wants to relieve himself with a video at FIFA

Kiss scandal: Rubiales wants to relieve himself with a video at FIFA

The Spanish football association president Luis Rubiales, who has been temporarily suspended by FIFA, still sees himself as a victim in the kiss scandal and has sent a new video to the world football association for his relief.

This is reported by the digital newspaper The Spanish on Wednesday.

Rubiales kissed world champion Jennifer Hermoso on the mouth at the World Cup award ceremony. In the clip allegedly made on the Spain team bus after winning the title, some players joke about the incident in a relaxed atmosphere.

Hermoso can also be seen in the video – and irritated as she says to her teammates in a good mood with a champagne bottle in her hand: “He was moved and all that. He comes and touches me like that.”

Several players shout, among other things, “Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss”. As Rubiales passes them, some chant “Presi, Presi, Presi”.

Rubiales insists that the kiss was consensual and still refuses to resign. The 33-year-old, meanwhile, said she “felt vulnerable and the victim of an assault, an impulsive, macho act that was inappropriate and that I didn’t consent to.”

On Monday evening, the regional presidents of the RFEF urged Rubiales to resign. Sports Minister Miquel Iceta also wants to apply for a suspension from the government.

The Sports Court TAD first wants to examine further documents, the government sent further documents on Tuesday.

The Spanish public prosecutor’s office launched a preliminary investigation against Rubiales on Monday on suspicion of “sexual assault”.

With Sports Information Service (SID)

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